What Does FinSub Mean?

Learn about the world of FinSub (Financial Submissive) and the dynamics of financial domination in BDSM relationships.


FinSub, short for Financial Submissive, is a term used in the world of BDSM (Bondage, Discipline, Dominance, Submission, Sadism, and Masochism) to describe a submissive individual who enjoys financial domination.

What is FinDom?

Financial domination, or FinDom, is a fetish in which one person gains arousal or satisfaction from the act of giving money or gifts to another person, who is typically in a more dominant role. FinDom can manifest in various forms, such as paying bills, buying gifts, or simply sending money to the dominant person.

Characteristics of a FinSub

  • Enjoy giving up financial control
  • Find pleasure in being financially dominated
  • Get satisfaction from the act of giving money
  • May have specific financial kinks or fetishes

Examples of FinSub Behavior

A FinSub may engage in various activities to fulfill their submissive financial desires, such as:

  • Sending regular tributes to their financial Dominant
  • Setting up a budget controlled by their Dominant
  • Participating in financial humiliation play

Case Studies

One example of a FinSub relationship is between John and Sarah. John enjoys relinquishing control of his finances to Sarah, who dictates how he spends his money. Sarah, in turn, gets pleasure from having financial power over John, creating a mutually satisfying dynamic.

Statistics on FinSubs

While there are no official statistics on the number of people who identify as FinSubs, online communities and platforms dedicated to FinDom and BDSM have seen a rise in popularity, indicating a growing interest in the practice.


Being a FinSub is a unique form of submission that involves giving up financial control for pleasure and satisfaction. It is important for individuals engaging in FinDom to establish clear boundaries and consent to ensure a healthy and fulfilling dynamic.

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