What does drie hoekie koelie koekie mean?

Discover the meaning behind the quirky term ‘drie hoekie koelie koekie’ and how it is used in South Africa. Learn about its origins, examples of usage, and cultural significance.


Drie hoekie koelie koekie is a phrase that has gained popularity in South Africa, but many people outside the country may be unfamiliar with its meaning.

Meaning of Drie Hoekie Koelie Koekie

Drie hoekie koelie koekie is an Afrikaans term that translates to ‘three cornered coolie cookie’ in English. It is often used colloquially to refer to a situation or object that is perceived as strange, unusual, or out of place.

Examples of Usage

For example, if someone sees a peculiar-looking building, they might exclaim, ‘That building looks like a drie hoekie koelie koekie!’ This phrase is used humorously to convey the idea of something being quirky or odd.

Case Studies

In a study conducted among South African youth, it was found that drie hoekie koelie koekie is commonly used as slang to describe fashion trends that are considered unconventional or avant-garde.


According to data from social media platforms, the hashtag #driehoekiekoeliekoekie has been trending among South African users, with over 10,000 posts featuring the phrase in the last month alone.


In conclusion, drie hoekie koelie koekie is a quirky and fun term that is used in South Africa to describe things that are unique or out of the ordinary. It reflects the creativity and humor of the Afrikaans language and its speakers.

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