What Does Double Texting Mean

Double texting, the practice of sending multiple messages without a response, is a common occurrence in modern dating. Learn more about what it means and why people do it.


Double texting is a modern dating phenomenon that has become increasingly common in the age of instant messaging. It refers to sending two or more consecutive messages to someone without receiving a response. While some may see it as a desperate or clingy move, others view it as simply a way to keep the conversation going.

Why People Double Text

There are several reasons why people double text. It could be because they are eager to carry on the conversation, want to clarify something, or are anxious about not getting a response. In some cases, it may also be a result of miscommunication or a technical glitch.

Examples of Double Texting

For example, if someone sends a message asking a question and doesn’t receive a reply after a few hours, they may follow up with a second message to see if the recipient missed the first one. Another common scenario is when someone sends a funny or interesting meme and doesn’t get a response, prompting them to send another message to gauge the recipient’s reaction.

Case Studies

In a recent survey of 500 millennials, 60% admitted to double texting someone they were interested in. One respondent shared that they double texted because they were afraid of being ghosted, while another said it was simply a habit they had developed from texting friends. However, 40% of respondents said they found double texting annoying and off-putting.


A study by the dating app Hinge found that double texting can actually increase the likelihood of getting a response. According to their data, users who sent a second message within three hours of the first were more likely to receive a reply compared to those who didn’t follow up.


In conclusion, double texting is a common practice in today’s digital dating world. While some may view it as a sign of desperation, others see it as a way to show interest and keep the conversation flowing. Ultimately, it’s important to consider the recipient’s feelings and communication style before double texting to avoid coming across as pushy or overbearing.

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