What Does Dogleg Mean

Discover the meaning of dogleg in golf, its strategic significance, and examples of famous dogleg holes. Learn how navigating doglegged fairways can impact scoring and improve your game.


Doglegs are a common term in the world of golf, but what exactly does it mean? In this article, we will explore the meaning of dogleg, its significance in golf, and how it affects the game.

Definition of Dogleg

In golf, a dogleg refers to a hole that bends or curves in a specific direction, usually to the left or right. This design element is incorporated into golf course layouts to add challenge and strategy for players.

Types of Doglegs

There are two main types of doglegs: the uphill dogleg and the downhill dogleg. An uphill dogleg requires players to hit the ball uphill to reach the fairway, while a downhill dogleg involves hitting the ball downhill towards the fairway.

  • Uphill Dogleg
  • Downhill Dogleg

Strategic Considerations

When faced with a dogleg, golfers must carefully plan their shots to navigate the bend and position themselves for a clear approach to the green. Proper club selection and shot placement are crucial to successfully navigating a dogleg hole.

Examples of Dogleg Holes

One famous example of a dogleg hole is the 10th hole at Augusta National Golf Club, known as the Camellia. This par-4 hole features a sharp dogleg to the right, requiring players to carefully navigate their tee shot to avoid trees and bunkers.

Case Study: Impact on Scoring

A study conducted by golf statisticians found that players who successfully navigated dogleg holes with strategic shot placement tended to score lower compared to those who struggled with the challenging bends. This highlights the importance of strategizing and executing shots effectively on doglegged fairways.


Understanding the concept of doglegs is essential for golfers looking to improve their game and navigate challenging course layouts. By mastering the art of playing dogleg holes, players can enhance their strategic thinking and shot-making skills on the course.

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