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(n) The totality of socially transmitted behavior habits, arts, thinking, organizations, and all other services and products of human work and believed.
(n) These patterns, traits, and services and products considered as the appearance of a specific period, course, community, or populace: Edwardian culture; Japanese culture; the tradition of poverty.
(n) These patterns, qualities, and products considered with regards to a particular group, such as a field, subject, or mode of phrase: spiritual culture at the center Ages; musical tradition; dental culture.
(v) To cultivate.
(v) to develop (microorganisms or any other living matter) in a specially ready nutrient method.
(v) To use (a substance) as a medium for culture: culture milk.
(v) to keep in a breeding ground suited to growth (especially of micro-organisms).
(v) to improve the artistic or clinical interest (in one thing).
(v) grow in an unique planning
to create: as, “cultured vales,”
To cultivate: as, “cultured vales,”

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what the results are when people attempt to live collectively. by Helene InouyeReport definition
The totality of interaction techniques and methods of definition; a complete life style of a people; the social production and reproduction of feeling, meaning and awareness. Culture cannot show just how of life of a people, it earnestly shapes up this way of life. by NelsonReport definition
-A term invoked by people who feel pleasure in accomplishments of others.-A reason for all forms of real human liberties infraction. -An results of evolutionary beneficial team reasoning, and so a racist generalisation.-Also found in conjunction with 'history' for lots more pleasure and group thinking. by Michele FellerReport definition
Socially sent patterns of action and phrase. Content culture means actual things, such dwellings, clothing, resources, and crafts. Culture also contains arts, philosophy, understanding, and technology. by JeffereyReport definition
A word, therefore, represented in a variety of ways through human language: both as an audio or an image(characters).Many, lots of men and women, throughout the entire world, have actually offered a differrent definition, unique meaning to the sound/image.Within their particular contexts these meanings were accepted.Therefore the genuine question is: "Which definition does the person who said it intended to say?" by BrigidaReport definition
a controlled development of germs by Nell LerchReport definition

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In microbiology, the propagation of microorganisms in a growth method. Any human body muscle or fluid may be examined in laboratory by using culture processes to detect and recognize infectious processes. Culture strategies enables you to figure out susceptibility to antibiotics. Cells are often cultivated in tradition. by Leland FeitReport definition

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    • cultured, cultures, culturing
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    • pop culture, blood-drenched culture, culture wars, celebrity-obsessed culture, culture Thabang
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    • cultured, cultured, culturing, culturing, cyberculture
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    • education, education, society, society, religion
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