What Does Clapped Mean in UK Slang?

Learn what ‘clapped’ means in UK slang and how it is used in popular culture. Find out examples, case studies, and statistics on the term.

What is the meaning of ‘clapped’ in UK slang?

‘Clapped’ is a term used in UK slang to describe someone or something that is unattractive or of poor quality. It is often used to refer to someone who is not physically attractive or who is behaving in a foolish or uncool manner.

Examples of ‘clapped’ in use

1. ‘Did you see that guy over there? He’s so clapped.’

2. ‘I can’t believe she’s dating him, he’s proper clapped.’

Clapped in popular culture

The term ‘clapped’ has become popular in UK slang and is often used in music, movies, and social media. Artists like Stormzy and Skepta frequently use the term in their lyrics, further popularizing it among the younger generation.

Case study: Clapped in social media

On platforms like Twitter and TikTok, the hashtag #clapped has thousands of posts where users share memes, jokes, and stories using the term. It has become a way for people to poke fun at themselves or others in a lighthearted manner.

Statistics on the use of ‘clapped’

According to a study by Urban Dictionary, the term ‘clapped’ has seen a significant increase in usage over the past few years, especially among young people aged 16-25. It has become a popular term to describe something that is not up to standard or is below expectations.


In conclusion, ‘clapped’ is a versatile term in UK slang that can be used to describe anything from a person’s appearance to the quality of a product. It has gained popularity in popular culture and social media, making it a common term among young people in the UK.

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