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(n) A building product produced by grinding calcined limestone and clay to an excellent powder, that could be blended with water and poured to set as an excellent size or used as an ingredient to make mortar or cement.
(n) Portland cement.
(n) Concrete.
(v) To bind with or just as if with cement.
(v) to pay for or coat with concrete.
(v) To unite or trigger to stick in the form of a cement.
(v) In order to become cemented.
(v) To become cemented or firmly united; to cohere.
(v) To become cemented.
(i) in concrete Firmly satisfied or determined; unalterable: The administration's place on taxes ended up being occur cement inspite of the unfavorable public reaction.
(i) in concrete solidly settled or determined; unalterable: The administration's position on fees ended up being occur concrete regardless of the undesirable community response.
(v) To affix with concrete.
(v) assure an outcome.
(v) make fast as if with concrete
To unite by cement, as by mortar which hardens, or by various other matter that creates cohesion of figures.
Figuratively, to unite morally or socially in close or fast union.
To unite or come to be solid; unite and cohere.

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1.extremely warm weather; caliente by Marcene MaysonetReport definition
dried-up fan, or semen. by BulahReport definition
a substitute for the F term. by Idella WhippleReport definition
your message it self derives from large quantity of poor cocaine found in the eastcoast the united states in the early 2000's. The granular and low grade texture had customers likening this product to cement. The phrase in addition originates from the entire process of making cocaine it self, in Coloumbia, Bolivia, and also the other Cocaine nations, a cement mixer or automatic washer is usually familiar with transfer cocaine from leaf to fluid resembling concrete. Once the product is shipped it really is after that slashed with cement, asprin, child dust and real pure cocaine. by Carmella HuckinsReport definition
Buzzword of 2009.Has changed other colloquialisms such as for instance "wicked and "sweet"(1) Used as an adjective to spell it out a location individual or part of a confident light.(2) Used to explain cohesiveness between two places people or things. by Samara SchrothReport definition

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  • Synonym for "cement"
    • cohere, glue, lute, lime, putty
  • Antonym for "cement"
    • break
  • Verb Forms for "cement"
    • cemented, cementing, cements
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    • cement mixers, low-quality cement, Rubber cement, cement blocks, acrylic cement
  • Rhyme for "cement"
    • Bendt, Brent, Gent, Ghent, Kent
  • Hypernym for "cement"
    • solid body substance, bind, concrete, surface, coat
  • Cross Reference for "cement"
    • hydraulic cement, beeswax, portland cement, cement-substance, sorel's cement
  • Form for "cement"
    • cemented, cementing, Keene's cement, Portland cement, masonry cement
  • Same Context for "cement"
    • concrete, brick, asphalt, gravel, plaster
  • Variant for "cement"
    • cementation, cementum
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