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(n) A disguised contemporary spelling of this genitive suffix -s, -es, as used adverbially in thus, thence, whence, once, twice, thrice: erroneously spelled -ce in conformity with that cancellation in words of French origin. See -ce, -ce, and -ce.
(n) A disguised spelling
(n) of original last -s (of the root) in ice, guidance, unit, etc., additionally the plurals lice, mice, or
(a) associated with the period coinciding with the Christian era; chosen by some article authors who aren't Christians

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CE is short for for "casual activities" a section of this preferred trading web site craigslist. CE presents to the remaining world somewhere where sexual favors are exchanged when it comes to most affordable amount of suggested dedication. It really is typically infested with single moms, prostitutes, transsexuals, and jailbait that all vying together to capture Mr. Scumbag United States Of America into an LTR (lasting Relationship) with all the guarantee of NSA (No Strings Attached) sex. by Dane AlgarinReport definition
casual activities by Major MarlowReport definition
Common Era. This will be a phrase employed by those who believe "AD" really still has a religious importance within day in age. by LonReport definition
Abbreviation for "Circumcision Envy". It is a significant pathological problem suffered mainly by American neo-hippies and White, non-Jew Europeans once they realize that they are not circumcised. Sympoms of CE through the after:* Expressing an unbridled abhorrance towards act of circumcision* composing biased, mental entries on Urban Dictionary where helpful meanings for circumcision-related terms ought to be, and spamming the "thumbs-up" button* discussing his or herself as an "intactivist" while totally missing the irony* Joining foreskin-worshiping cults like NOCIRC and HOOP (fictional example from Arrested developing)* Protesting outside hospitals that perform circumcisions* Making crazy statements against circumcision without citing any studies, and opting rather for mental pleas, testimonials, and anecdotes* Equating the removal of foreskins into destruction associated with the clitoris in third-world countries (although the clitoris is actually the female form of the mushroom tip)* phoning whoever circumcises kids "barbarians"* Assaulting mohels (despite the fact that they perform scarcely 1percent of most circumcisions)* Harassing circumcised men in tries to cause them to become just like uncomfortable about their penises individuals with CE* won't shut-up if anyone within an earshot states "circumcision" by Michele FellerReport definition
the next biggest personal board on GameFAQs (# 400) and because the Gamespot merge and LUE constraints, is currently degrading to a straight dumber LUE. by BridgettReport definition
brief for lightweight EditionWindows CE is a little house windows used on PDA'scurrent variations are known as pouch PC because the very first variations were crap.... by Idella WhippleReport definition

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  • Sentence for "ce"
  • Synonym for "ce"
    • cerium, cerium
  • Phrases for "ce"
    • N ce, N ce, ce let, ce let
  • Same Context for "ce"
    • qu'il, qu'il, tout, tout, fait
  • Variant for "ce"
    • cerium
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