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(a) Of, concerning, or feature of this canids.
(a) Of, regarding, or being one of many pointed conical teeth located between the incisors and also the first bicuspids.
(a) Of, or with respect to, your dog or puppies.
(n) An animal of this family Canidae, specifically a dog.
(n) the pointed, conical teeth found between your incisors and the very first bicuspids. Also called cuspid.
(n) A dog or wolf, as distinct from a fox, that will be a vulpine.
Of or regarding a dog; having the character or characteristics of puppies; characteristic of dogs; like or likened to a dog.
Specifically, of or pertaining to the Canidæ.
Affecting or derived from puppies: as, canine rabies; canine virus.

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In Texas hold 'em, whenever opening cards tend to be any master and any 9 (K-9) by IoneReport definition
In S&M it really is a practice where servant behaves as your dog: in other words. wears a collar and leash, eats and products from a bowl, crawls around on all fours, spends time in a kennel, etc. Woof! by AureliaReport definition
A tooth, your fang, bet you didnt know that.... by BrigidaReport definition

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