What Does Bite the Curb Mean

Discover the dark and violent history behind the slang term ‘Bite the curb’ and learn why it should never be used under any circumstances.

The Origins of ‘Bite the Curb’

“Bite the curb” is a slang term that has a dark and violent history. It was popularized in the movie ‘American History X’ where a character is forced to bite the curb during a brutal act of violence.

The Meaning of ‘Bite the Curb’

When someone is told to ‘bite the curb,’ it typically means to lie face down on the ground with their teeth on the curb, as if they were going to bite it. It is a threatening and dangerous act that can result in serious injury or even death.

Examples of ‘Bite the Curb’

  • In the movie ‘American History X,’ a character is forced to bite the curb as a form of punishment.
  • In real life, there have been cases of individuals being subjected to this violent act as a means of intimidation or retaliation.

Case Studies

In 2017, a man in Los Angeles was attacked by a group of individuals who told him to bite the curb. The man suffered severe injuries as a result of this brutal act.


While there are no official statistics on how often ‘bite the curb’ incidents occur, it is clear that this is a violent and dangerous practice that should never be used under any circumstances.

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