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(n) A line going diagonally over the whole grain of fabric: Cut the cloth on prejudice.
(n) A preference or an inclination, specially one which inhibits unbiased wisdom.
(n) An unfair work or policy stemming from bias.
(a) Slanting or diagonal; oblique: a bias fold.
(a) Inclined to at least one side; swelled using one part.
(a) Cut slanting or diagonally, as cloth.
(v) To affect in a certain, typically unjust course; bias.
(v) to put on a small current to (a grid).
(v) To incline to a single part; to give a particular path to; to impact; to prejudice; to prepossess.
(v) to position prejudice upon; to influence.
(v) influence in an unfair means
(v) reason enough to be biased
(a) In a slanting fashion; crosswise; obliquely; diagonally.
Oblique; slanting; diagonal into the outline or even to the texture: now utilized just or mainly of fabrics or dress: as, a bias line (in previous use) in a drawing; a bias piece in a garment.
Loaded or swelled on one side, like a biased dish.
In a slanting manner; obliquely.

bias in Agriculture Dictionary

organized error introduced into sampling or analysis by selecting or motivating one result or solution over other people. by PamilaReport definition

bias in Community Dictionary

In Kpop, the person in an idol group that is your favorite. You might have one ultimate prejudice, and lots of other biases off their idol teams, or only have one ultimate prejudice. This term hails from "having a bias towards somebody." by Bernadette HummerReport definition
that certain thing present in many terms defined within the urban dictionary. by SamuelReport definition
exactly what each and every meaning on Urban Dictionary features. by Jacque ClevelandReport definition
somebody who alredey has actually their particular brain made and preset towards a single sided view of a situation by BuddyReport definition

bias in Medical Dictionary

1. When a point of view stops impartial view on issues regarding the topic of this perspective. In a clinical test, prejudice means impacts that a conclusion that may be incorrect as, including, when a researcher or client understands just what treatment solutions are being offered. To avoid prejudice, a blinded research might done. 2. Deviation of outcomes or inferences from truth, or procedures ultimately causing these types of organized deviation. Any trend inside collection, analysis, interpretation, book, or writeup on information that will trigger conclusions which are systematically not the same as the reality. by Elmira TorbertReport definition

bias in Sports Dictionary

The horizontal force of this bowl while going, which provides it the arc. by Wynell SaltzReport definition

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  • Synonym for "bias"
    • prejudice, prepossession, inclination, partiality, bent
  • Verb Forms for "bias"
    • biased, biases, biasing, biass, biassed
  • Phrases for "bias"
    • anti-police bias, pro-Obama bias, liberal bias, anti-Muslim bias, gender bias
  • Rhyme for "bias"
    • Darius, Elias, Himalayas, Mathias, Matthias
  • Hypernym for "bias"
    • straight line
  • Cross Reference for "bias"
    • on the bias
  • Equivalent for "bias"
    • oblique
  • Form for "bias"
    • biased, biasing
  • Same Context for "bias"
    • prejudice, tendency, discrimination, trend, preference
  • Variant for "bias"
    • biassing, biassed
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