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(n) the cheapest or bottom level: the base of a cliff; the base of a lamp.
(n) Biology The element of a plant or pet organ which closest to its point of attachment.
(n) Biology the idea of attachment of these an organ.
(a) Forming or providing as a base: a base level of soil.
(a) Situated at or nearby the base or base: a base camp for the mountain climbers.
(a) Chemistry Of, relating to, or containing a base.
(v) to create or provide a base for: based this new organization in Portland.
(v) to get a basis for; establish: based her conclusions regarding the report; a film considering a best-selling novel.
(v) To designate to a base; place: troops located in the center East.
(i) off-base defectively mistaken.
(v) having as its foundation or kick off point.
(v) becoming situated (at a particular location).
(v) situate as a center of functions
(i) Alternative type of BASE.
Low; of little level: put on things.
Hence In botany, of reduced or lowly development: as, base broom; base rocket.
reduced in destination, position, or level.

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great, awesome, etc. by Eva ValerioReport definition
freebase, rock cocaine... by Shane HoggReport definition
crack(freebase) by Michelina BurchfieldReport definition
something that all is participate in Cats. The bomb happens to be set up, in addition they must take off every zig for great justice because they understand what they doing. by Deedee TittleReport definition
A substance made up of about 60percent amphetamine.contrary to rate, that will be made up of about 5per cent amphetamine.Often methamphetamine is described as base: "a purer kind of speed".Methamphetamine is a totally various substance, with different effects. Base is the same chemical as rate, just in higher concentrations.Usually features a unique effect to speed, as the greater dosage does not only imply fuller impacts, but whole new people too.NB: both amphetamine and methamphetamine have nothing at all to do with 2,3 methylenedioxymethamphetamine (ecstasy), inspite of the uneducated and ill-informed ramblings associated with DEA. by CristiReport definition
First base: making aside (french kissing)Second base: experience up under or higher clothesThird base: hand jobs and fingering(3.5: oral sex)Home run: sex, (including rectal) by GeraldoReport definition
A pure and powerful kind of amphetamine, comes in a crystaline lump without a powder (although is usually cut before use). by Leighann GalvezReport definition

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A marker at each and every place of this diamond-shaped infield; you can find four in total. The first, 2nd and third basics are constructed of white canvas and measure 15in square by 3-5in thick. Home plate is five-sided and is made from whitened rubberized. To be able to score a run the runner must touch house plate. by Nickolas YutzyReport definition

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    • apex, likeable, desirable, admirable, noble
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    • center, center, top, top, area
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    • bases, bases, bass, bass, escutcheon
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