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(a) Considered aside from concrete presence: an abstract idea.
(a) Not used or useful; theoretical. See Synonyms at theoretical.
(a) Difficult to realize; abstruse: abstract philosophical issues.
(n) A statement summarizing the significant points of a text.
(n) anything abstract.
(n) A summary title associated with the tips detailing a tract of land, for ownership; abstract of subject.
(v) To take away; eliminate.
(v) to eliminate without permission; filch.
(v) To consider (a good, like) without reference to a specific instance or item.
(v) To draw down (interest or attention).
(v) to do the process of abstraction.
(v) to generate abstractions.
To draw away; take away; withdraw or pull, whether to hold or even to get rid of the object withdrawn: because, to abstract an individual's interest; to abstract a watch from a person's pocket, or money from a bank.
to take into account as a questionnaire apart from matter; attend to as an over-all object, toward neglect of special circumstances; derive as an over-all idea from contemplation of certain instances; split and hold in thought, as an element of a complex idea, while letting the others go.
To derive or receive the notion of.

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Abstract in art: Abstract art is the subjective artwork without any defined process, strategy and/or method label; permits the viewer to interpret its definition together with or her unbiased view of life because certain artwork; permitting performers to explore and express a wide variety of pieces, from canvas and area to sculpture and much more without predetermined standard once and for all or bad art. by Hortencia DaileyReport definition
a idea or thought however existing by YoshikoReport definition
fundamentally it can be used sarcastically as one other way of saying your art piece sucks..Or it can be stated as a compliment; it simply is based on the manner in which you go on it. by EltonReport definition
Of or related to the formal element of art, focusing lines, colors, generalized or geometrical types, etc... by Exie GardReport definition
1. When someone thinks out of the box. by Elmira TorbertReport definition
A form of art which allows lots of freedom and mobility for the musician and market with their very own explanation of the art's meaning and worth. Its never to merely portray or replicate something of their realistic form but offer insights to its worth in a unique measurement of thinking. by Rubie MinaReport definition

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  • Synonym for "abstract"
    • withdraw, separate, abstruse, difficult, abstracted
  • Antonym for "abstract"
    • enlargement, extension, whole
  • Verb Forms for "abstract"
    • abstracted, abstracting, abstractness, abstracts
  • Phrases for "abstract"
    • grasping abstract, abstract concept, abstract patterns, abstract symbol, some abstract
  • Rhyme for "abstract"
    • act, attacked, attract, backed, blacked
  • Hypernym for "abstract"
    • reckon, see, consider, regard, view
  • Cross Reference for "abstract"
    • abstruse, summary, to abstract from, abstract of title, abstract arithmetic
  • Equivalent for "abstract"
    • theoretical, notional, ideal, ideational, conceptual
  • Form for "abstract"
    • abstract of title
  • Same Context for "abstract"
    • scientific, philosophical, vague, basic, exact
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