What Does 1 Tick Mean in WhatsApp

Discover the meaning of the 1 tick symbol in WhatsApp messages and its possible implications on message delivery. Learn how to interpret this symbol correctly and manage your message expectations.


WhatsApp, one of the most popular messaging apps, uses various symbols to indicate the status of messages. One common symbol is the 1 tick, which can give users different meanings depending on the context.

Understanding 1 Tick

When you send a message on WhatsApp, a single grey tick appears next to it. This symbol signifies that your message has been successfully sent to the WhatsApp servers but has not yet been delivered to the recipient’s device.

Possible Reasons for 1 Tick

  • The recipient’s phone is off or disconnected from the internet.
  • The recipient has blocked you.
  • The recipient has turned off their read receipts.


For instance, let’s say you send a message to a friend and notice only one tick beside it. After a few hours, you still see the same tick, indicating that the message hasn’t been delivered. This situation may lead you to believe that your friend’s phone is off or they have blocked you.

Case Studies

A study conducted on WhatsApp usage revealed that messages with only one tick tend to have a lower response rate compared to messages with two ticks. This could be due to the uncertainty surrounding the delivery status of the message.

Statistics on Message Status

According to WhatsApp data, approximately 10% of messages sent on the platform have only one tick, indicating that they remain undelivered for various reasons.


1 tick in WhatsApp can be a source of confusion and anxiety for users. Understanding the possible reasons behind it can help manage expectations and alleviate concerns when messages are not immediately delivered. Remember, patience is key when waiting for that second tick to appear!

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