What Do You Mean by Stock of Resource

Learn about the stock of resources and its importance in economic development. Explore the different types of resources and their impact on growth and sustainability.


When we talk about the stock of resources, we are referring to the total amount of resources available for use in a particular area or field. This term encompasses a wide range of resources, from natural resources like minerals and water to human resources like skills and knowledge.

Natural Resources

Natural resources are the raw materials that are found in nature and can be used for various purposes. These resources include minerals, forests, water, and land. The stock of natural resources in an area determines its potential for economic development and growth.

Human Resources

Human resources refer to the skills, knowledge, and abilities of the people in a particular area. The stock of human resources can have a significant impact on the productivity and innovation of a region. Investing in education and training can help increase the stock of human resources.

Financial Resources

Financial resources are the funds available for use in a particular area. These resources can come from various sources, such as government grants, loans, or investments. The stock of financial resources can determine the level of economic activity and growth in an area.

Case Study: Stock of Natural Resources in Norway

Norway is known for its abundant natural resources, particularly oil and gas. The stock of natural resources in Norway has allowed the country to build a strong economy and high standard of living. By effectively managing its natural resources, Norway has been able to invest in education, healthcare, and infrastructure.

Importance of Managing Stock of Resources

Effectively managing the stock of resources is crucial for sustainable development and growth. By ensuring that resources are used efficiently and sustainably, we can preserve them for future generations. This requires proper planning, investment, and regulation to prevent overexploitation or depletion of resources.


The stock of resources encompasses a wide range of resources, including natural, human, and financial resources. Managing these resources effectively is essential for economic development and growth. By investing in education, infrastructure, and sustainable practices, we can ensure that resources are available for future generations.

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