Understanding the Meaning of Dogleg in Golf

Discover the significance of dogleg holes in golf and how they can impact a player’s strategy. Learn about famous examples like the 13th hole at The Masters Tournament.


When it comes to golf, one term that you may have heard is ‘dogleg.’ But what exactly does it mean? In this article, we will explore the definition of dogleg, its significance in the game of golf, and how it can impact a player’s strategy.

Definition of Dogleg

In golf, a dogleg refers to a hole that has a bend or angle in its fairway. This means that the hole does not go straight from the tee to the green, but rather turns either to the left or right at some point along the way. Doglegs can vary in degree, with some being slight bends and others being sharp turns.

Significance in Golf

Doglegs add complexity and strategy to a golf course. Players must carefully consider their tee shots and approach shots to navigate these bends effectively. The angle of the dogleg can influence a player’s club selection, shot shape, and overall game plan.

Types of Doglegs

  • Left Dogleg: A hole that bends to the left, requiring a fade for right-handed players.
  • Right Dogleg: A hole that bends to the right, necessitating a draw for right-handed players.

Case Study: The Masters Tournament

One of the most famous dogleg holes in golf is the 13th hole at Augusta National Golf Club, home of The Masters Tournament. This hole, known as ‘Azalea,’ is a sharp left dogleg that requires precise positioning off the tee to set up a clear shot at the green. Players must decide whether to play it safe and lay up or take a risky line to cut the corner.

Statistics on Doglegs

According to golf course architects, approximately 70% of holes on a typical course feature doglegs. This shows just how common and important these bends are in the game of golf.


Understanding the meaning of dogleg is essential for any golfer looking to improve their game. By mastering the strategy and techniques required to navigate these bends, players can enhance their skills and increase their chances of success on the course.

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