Trampoline Definition

Discover the definition of a trampoline, its benefits, types, and the rise of trampoline-related injuries. Stay informed and bounce safely!

What is a Trampoline?

A trampoline is a piece of equipment consisting of a strong fabric stretched tight over a steel frame using coiled springs to provide bounce. It is typically used for recreational purposes, exercise, and competitive sports.

Types of Trampolines

  • Round trampolines
  • Rectangular trampolines
  • Oval trampolines
  • Springless trampolines

Benefits of Using a Trampoline

  • Improved cardiovascular health
  • Enhanced coordination and balance
  • Strengthens muscles
  • Boosts mood and reduces stress

Case Studies

In a study conducted by the American Council on Exercise, researchers found that trampoline exercise is a highly effective, low-impact workout that burns calories and improves cardiovascular health.


According to a report by the American Academy of Pediatrics, trampoline-related injuries have been on the rise, with an estimated 100,000 emergency room visits per year in the United States.


Trampolines are a popular recreational and fitness tool that offer a wide range of benefits when used safely and responsibly. Whether you’re bouncing for fun or training for a competition, trampolines can provide a fun and effective way to stay active and healthy.

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