Sweep Definition

Discover the world of sweeps – from managing cash flows to optimizing interest earnings. Learn the definition, types, benefits, and real-world applications of sweeps in finance.

Introduction to Sweeping

In the world of finance and banking, the term ‘sweep’ can hold various meanings and applications. From managing cash flows to maximizing interest earnings, sweeps play a critical role in optimizing financial operations. Let’s dive deeper into the definition, types, and benefits of sweeps.

What is a Sweep?

A sweep refers to the automatic transfer of funds from one account to another to maintain a specified balance or maximize interest earnings. This can involve moving funds between checking and savings accounts, investment accounts, or even institutions to optimize the use of available funds.

Types of Sweeps

  • Zero Balance Sweep: This type of sweep transfers excess funds from one account to another to maintain a zero balance in the primary account. It is commonly used by businesses to centralize cash management and reduce idle balances.
  • Investment Sweep: In an investment sweep, excess cash from checking accounts is automatically invested in money market mutual funds or other short-term investment vehicles to earn higher returns.
  • Loan Sweep: This type of sweep involves moving excess funds from checking accounts to pay down outstanding loan balances, reducing interest expenses.

Benefits of Sweeps

Sweeps offer several benefits to individuals and businesses, including:

  • Optimizing cash management
  • Maximizing interest earnings
  • Reducing borrowing costs
  • Streamlining financial operations

Case Study: Sweeping in Action

XYZ Corporation implemented a zero balance sweep arrangement with their bank to centralize cash management. By transferring excess funds from individual accounts to a concentration account, they were able to minimize idle balances and improve efficiency in their financial operations.

Statistics on Sweeping

According to a survey by the Association for Financial Professionals, 67% of companies use some form of sweeps to manage their cash balances effectively.


Sweeps are powerful tools in the world of finance, offering a wide range of benefits to individuals and businesses. By understanding the definition, types, and benefits of sweeps, you can optimize your financial operations and make the most of your available funds.

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