Ship Definition

Learn about the definition of a ship, its types, examples, case studies, and statistics. Discover how ships play a crucial role in transportation and trade.

What is a Ship?

A ship is a large vessel that floats on water and is used for transportation of goods, people, or military equipment. Ships are typically powered by engines and can navigate through rivers, seas, and oceans.

Types of Ships

  • Cargo ships: used for transporting goods
  • Passenger ships: used for transporting people
  • Warships: used by the military for combat

Examples of Ships

Some famous ships include the Titanic, Queen Mary, and USS Enterprise. These ships have played significant roles in history and have captured the imagination of people around the world.

Case Study: Titanic

The Titanic was a British passenger liner that sank in 1912 after hitting an iceberg on its maiden voyage. It remains one of the deadliest maritime disasters in history, with over 1,500 people losing their lives.


According to the International Maritime Organization, there were over 53,000 merchant ships in the world as of 2020. These ships transported around 11 billion tons of goods annually, highlighting the important role of ships in global trade.

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