ya in a sentence

  • The drawing is soooo beautiful the dresses are so vintage, Bleu Clothing has a great line of dresses from all the top designers..ya ya, black halo, 3.1 phillip check em out
  • A number of such efforts, after the Nik [= a] yas had been closed, were included in a supplementary Nik [= a] ya called the _Khuddaka Nik [= a] ya_.
  • In the Middle Ages the Turkish Khans 'encampments were always spoken of as their ya -- thus: "from hence 1500 miles north-west to the Khan's _ya_."
  • WK aka batgirl (3093 posts) on March 15, 2009 - 2: 26am. goof. * gives ya a hug and noogies ya* how are you and luce?
  • November 16, 2008 at 5:01 pm ya steelz’em……..ya feedz’em!
  • Like having some bit of a child in ya is bad thing!
  • I'm tellin 'ya', this is a golden opportunity to bring peace and sanity to this whole passel of unhappy group of rule makers and socially elite white wine sippers.
  • "And what's going to surprise ya, is it's not the economy — it's the socialists taking over our country."
  • It seems to view the problem as a simple lack of free access, as all problems must be the result of "The Man" puttin 'ya down.
  • So best thing for ya is to get out there and shoot several.
  • I'll see ya later.
  • Correct: "Can ya give me an example?" Incorrect: "Ya, sure
  • Ya YA, Get back to work ya, you over there Ya, YA ,YA you late for work
  • YA knowz whaz up
  • 1) - How about some coffee? - Ya, I'd like some? 2) Are ya chillin wit da posse?
  • 1) Ya, I don't masturbate anymore because I have to talk to Sophie 2) I feel so tired today, ya know?
  • I'm hott, ya know what I'm sayin'?

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