limb in a sentence

Sentence with the word limb

All this could Carlo do — make, unmake me; and join me limb to limb .

Both bones below his knee are broken, and the limb is bent unnaturally inward.

But if the limb is nominally functional, then I really have to say that I question the logic behind its removal.

You think your phantom limb is bad, check out my phantom erection!

It was frowned upon in previous years because doctors feared it could cause long-term limb damage.

And in dislocations outward, the limb is shortened, because the bone is lodged in flesh which yields; but, not withstanding, in dislocations inward, it is longer, because the bone is lodged on a projecting bone.

The symptoms of dislocation backward are: - The parts before more empty, behind they protrude, the foot straight, flexion impossible, except with pain, extension least of all: in these the limb is shortened.

The bone of one leg was so crushed that it couldn't be set properly, and so that limb is shorter than the other three.

It seems to me that this extremity having the most compact grain, and the strongest, should constitute the lower limb, because, as we shall see later on, this limb is shorter, bears the greater strain, and is the one that gives down the sooner.

The limb is shortened, and movements of the joint are painful and restricted, especially medial rotation.

Ronnie Barker: Fork 'andles! Random guy/girl: :O LIMB!

Yo light that limb up!

Hey, can you hook me up with some limb?

LIMB, he totally ate it!

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