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KM: The forming of this bloc is a natural consequence of events in the region - firstly, the presence of Israel and its atrocities against the region, and then the failure of the negotiation process to achieve something substantial.

Iran's Foreign Ministry said the hands of the People's Mujahedeen Organization of Iran "are stained with the blood of thousands of Iranian and non-Iranian people" and the EU decision demonstrated what it called the bloc's "double standards" in dealing with terrorism.

The question should not be posed in the immature manner of whose team or bloc is currently winning, but whether progressive policies are being promoted. urgs says:

Mr. Allawi's Iraqiya political bloc is trying to pull together enough support to form the next Iraqi government and end a political stalemate that has persisted since the March elections.

“The social conservative bloc is pressing for the standards to turn Joseph McCarthy into an American hero,” says Dan Quinn of the Texas Freedom Network, a group that aims to “counter the religious right.”

Today the Jewish bloc is interested primarily in Palestine and will continue to be an uncertain quantity right up to the time of election.

The Jewish vote, insofar as it can be thought of as a bloc, is important only in New York.

Allawi's bloc is not as united, and many believe it could easily splinter under pressure.

Germany's economy jumped 9% last quarter, at an annualized rate, and Slovenia's — which like others in the former Eastern bloc is closely linked to Germany — grew more than 4%.

The fate of the public option in the House will be largely determined by the parallel whip efforts -- and how aggressive each bloc is in pushing for its priorities.

I'm on my way, I'll see you in like 3 blocs.

Former Eastern bloc countries inculde Poland and Hungary.

Look At Bloc" "Thats a pretty Bloc Record You've Got There Dr.Spong

Person 1: Who is that gay girl? Person 2: I dunno, but she's a total BLOC Person 1: I know. I'm not gay and I even want to eat that muff!

SmokeyAntony: Let's play headquaters on Bloc. Jules: What are you a communist.

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