bass in a sentence

Sentence with the word bass

The tone of the _bass_ is much heavier and the instrument itself is much more clumsy to handle than the other members of the group, hence it is almost never used as a solo instrument but it is invaluable for reinforcing the bass part in orchestral music.

After all, this bass is the instrument of his youth, one of his iconic symbols, as Mr. Carlin affirms on the way to this muddle-up of the moment: It is his Rosebud, his Excalibur.

The double bass is also called the bass viol, string bass, and bass fiddle.

What usually first attracts a bass is a lure's motion, so the bass comes closer, ready to attack.

"I know not what you call my bass", said Heyward, piqued at her remark, "but I know that your safety, and that of Cora, is far dearer to me than could be any orchestra of Handel's music".

"I know not what you call my bass," said Heyward, piqued at her remark,

But, of course, he might have meant "bass" as in "bass guitar."

Love your selection of curves and that bass is very, very cool ….

A 15-pound largemouth bass is doing all the right things to get that big.

I hear everything in its totality, what the strings are going to do, what the bass is going to do, the harpsichord, everything.

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  • Synonym for "bass"
    • low, deep, heavy, base, basso
  • Antonym for "bass"
    • shrill
  • Phrases for "bass"
    • bass Celia, bass player, bass stripe, bass entree, sea bass
  • Rhyme for "bass"
    • Ace, Alsace, Cass, Chase, Glass
  • Hypernym for "bass"
    • pitch, vocaliser, vocalizer, singer, vocalist
  • Cross Reference for "bass"
    • bass lute, bass horn, general bass, monkey bass, alberti bass
  • Equivalent for "bass"
    • low-pitched, low
  • Form for "bass"
    • bassline, black bass, black sea bass, bass music, bass drum
  • Same Context for "bass"
    • guitar, baritone, tenor, piano, violin
  • Variant for "bass"
    • black bass, sea bass, redfish, whitewood, bast
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