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Care should be exercised in wording the sections providing for amending the constitution, etc., to avoid such tautology as ”amend, or add to, or repeal, ” or ”alter or amend, ” or ”amend or in any way change.

Let the reform begin .... amend, fix, add to, subtract from, but let the reform of health care begin.

_ -- The legitimate use of a motion to amend is to correct or improve the original motion or resolution; but a motion properly before an assembly may be altered in _any_ way; even so as to turn it entirely from its original purpose, unless some rule or law shall exist to prevent this subversion.

God at all, -- he pledges himself to give up his bad habits; to repent and amend, which is just what he has no mind to do.

With new 100 words in the dictionary peek and phrase amend features, a archetypal planner can treat maintained.

His own party had to twist his arm to get a meaningless executive order signed to "amend" the law; which it doesn't.

In an interview the day after your rally you said that you would like to "amend" your statement in which you accused President Obama of being a racist and said he had a deep hatred in his heart for white people.

After all, they haven't seized the power to unilaterally "amend" the Constitution without state approval, only to let it go without a fight.

Most of the state constitutions in question are relatively easy to amend which is one of the reasons why gay marriage opponents were able to push through their own amendments so quickly after 2003.

Although California voters can "amend" the constitution through a ballot measure alone, a "revision" must receive a two-thirds vote of the Legislature before being put before the voters.

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