FAS in a sentence

  • Like our waiter Daniel was extremely Hot and looked identical to Gareth Gates except he didnt have fucked teeth and his fas was a tad pointier.
  • I was feeling pretty used up, but it was still kind of fas - cinating to watch the leg grow.
  • Us grab all de buckets and us all put out fer de 'big house' fas 'as our legs could carry us.
  • Niggers sho 'nuff begun to sing loud an' fas 'an' you wuz 'bliged for to
  • "I'se here, Miss S'lina -- comin 'straight an' fas 'as mah laigs kin brings me!" replied a cheerful colored woman, bustling around, and moving some toast so it would not scorch.
  • You kin rickolec 'dat convuts was a-comin' thick an 'fas';
  • Den I takes a long bref, Grumbo still a-holdin 'fas' to de dead varmint.
  • Don't know whar, but dat we's rollin 'fas'er an' fas'er, an 'dat we's startin' de rocks to rollin 'too, a-hoppin' an 'pitchin' behin 'us as ef dey's in fur a frolic.
  • Tullus cry and slabe woman cry when we put um in de groun 'fas' asleep.
  • Ah ain’ gwine wash yo’ ha’r in dis wedder an’ you ain’ gwine put no cologne on yo’ haid lak a fas’ woman needer.
  • Can you see Mary's FAS flapping in the wind?
  • Person 1: HOLY FUCK. That guy has no ass!Person 2: I know! They must have FAS.
  • Some dude at the party told me I have FAS! I've never been so happy in my life!
  • OMG, that Maddy girl was such a FAS baby today.

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