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The word 'eclipse' comes from the Greek word ékleipsis, or ekleíp (ein), which means to leave out, forsake, fail to appear

The word eclipse comes from the Greek for "abandonment," and captures the sense of foreboding the sun's vanishing act inspired even in civilizations whose astronomers had figured out why and when the darkness would fall.

‡ The term eclipse is also used to refer to a general decline or temporary obscurity: “After taking the title last year, the team has gone into an eclipse this season.

Is it just me or when reading the books do you kinda feel you should wait about a month before e.g. eclipse is gunna come then read it Im worried about forgetting lol.

Sam Harris begins his new book with a celebration of the ideal of cooperation, a value that has been in eclipse among us, and whose absence we feel in every failed attempt to dislodge the country from all the tight places in which we find ourselves these days.

I want action & love, eclipse is … drama/adventure/romance/action.

For Hindus, an eclipse is not only an astronomical event.

On the morning of July 22, 2009, the longest total solar eclipse that will occur in the 21st century took place, with most of southeast Asia taking in a partial viewing, and the path of totality (where the total eclipse is visible) passing very close by the most populous islands of Japan.

A total solar eclipse is a phenomenon in which the Moon completely conceals the Sun.

To be able to see such features as the diamond ring effect (the final flash of light before entering totality), the corona [en] [ja] (the sun's glowing hot outer atmosphere) and the explosive solar prominences [en] [ja] during the eclipse is reliant upon the the moon's distance from the earth, and naturally, the earth's distance from the sun.

Dude, that guy's got a FUCKING cool eclipse man!

I was watching tv yesterday and an eclipse happened right in front of me

Eclipse came on and I knew it was near the end of the album.

1. Johnny's mom passed in front of me and that's when the eclipse happened. 5.Revelations of wrongdoing helped bring about the eclipse of the governor's career.

Didn't I see you at the ΕΦΣ day drink on Saturday?" I don't know, maybe, I eclipsed by noon.

Dude I almost shitted out an Eclipse

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  • Synonym for "Eclipse"
    • obscuration, gloom, darkness, sully, cloud
  • Verb Forms for "Eclipse"
    • eclipsed, eclipses, eclipsing
  • Phrases for "Eclipse"
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  • Rhyme for "Eclipse"
    • Crips, Flips, Scripps, blips, chips
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    • occultation, transit
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    • overshadow, bulk large, hover, brood, loom
  • Cross Reference for "Eclipse"
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  • Same Context for "Eclipse"
    • earthquake, catastrophe, eruption, disappearance, convulsion
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