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Rarely put in the dock is the change to transparent accounting, which forced private companies to stop pretending all was well.

As an aside, I'd like to point out that the encroaching neighbor who also thinks her dock is a boat (Saturday's PI story linked to earlier in thread) served for 4 years on the Ames Lake Community Club board in the late 90's.

Personally, I use Arch.) +1 Windows (For Win7, I've been poking around with it, and it's really easy to get the hang of.) +0 OSX (The built in dock is nice, but that universal option bar is a pain in the ass.),

This vendor is one of many lining the main dock on Lake Zarahuen.

The technique of skipping a bait under a dock is much more easily learned with a spinning reel.

The wooden music dock is made from salvaged timber with holes drilled into the log to make space for the speakers and the electronics.

View of the main dock in Zirahuén, a beautiful lake in Michoacan.

Yes, of course, we might well suspect that the tatooed thug glaring out from the dock is more likely to spend his time brawling than praying, but what are the facts that we hear in that individual case?

Sorry, no Shuffles will work with the miShare since they lack the iPod's standard 30-pin dock connector, nor will this tool work with the iPhone or iPod Touch (though the site says its working on a firmware update to accommodate these models).

The dock is one of my favorite features of Mac OS X.

Dude 1: I think I'm gonna hit it and quit it, man Dude 2: Wow, you're being a dock, dude

My friend got a dock car

Dude, suck my dock. Tell your girlfriend to suck your dock.

1) Jacob loved having sex on the dock. 2)When news of Derek went around that he went docking, people ridiculed him by yelling "HAH! GAY!" 3)Mia said feeling D.O.C.K inside her was her life's dream.

Clay Aiken docked Lance Bass when he came out of the closet.

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