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II. i.26 (189,3) you crow, cock, with your comb on] The allusion is to a fool's cap, which hath a _comb_ like a cock's.

They do not sting like those of Castile and thus they easily remove the comb from the hives, which are small and not of cork, of which there is none in the country, but of the trunk of certain trees, bored or chiseled through lengthwise, with a very wide hole, so that it is left hollow.

Upon reaching the house, the comb is put in a box and the bees settle in it to the ringing of the little bell.

When the comb is taken from the tree it is placed in the middle of the cloth and carried by the four ends.

We wear all the protective gear so no need to worry, it just adds to how amazing these bees are, not to mention that honey straight from the comb is simply amazing.

This darksome burn, horseback brown, His rollrock highroad roaring down, In coop and in comb the fleece of his foam Flutes and low to the lake falls home.

In the inner cities this is usually referred to as a comb and conk.

Unfortunately, the first tooth on the comb is not at the frequency of 0 Hz but at the distance f0.

Repeat until the water no longer gets cloudy when the comb is rinsed.

A saucepan, say, or a comb, is very much the same thing as it was when the Greeks were besieging Troy.

I used a comb to style my luxuriant coif this morning.

Mike: bwahahahaha did you see those two girls fighting over that midget outside? Dan: Yeah! Roflcomb!!

We combed hard at that party! I got like 4 numbers!

I was doing my hair and said I needed my comb. Next thing you knew, my roommate shot a load on my anus.

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