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Discover the diverse world of rams – from male sheep to goats and wild animals. Explore their characteristics and significance in mythology and folklore.

What is a Ram?

When you hear the word ‘ram,’ you might immediately think of the male sheep with majestic curled horns. However, the term ‘ram’ can refer to various animals across different species. Let’s dive deeper into the definition of a ram and explore the characteristics of this fascinating animal.

Definition of a Ram

A ram is a male animal known for its horns and often seen as a symbol of strength and power. While rams are commonly associated with sheep, they can also belong to other species such as goats and certain wild animals.

Rams in Sheep

In the world of sheep, a ram is a male sheep that is typically used for breeding purposes. Rams are known for their impressive horns, which can be curved or twisted depending on the breed. These horns are often used for defense against predators and for establishing dominance within the herd.

Rams in Goats

Similar to sheep, goats also have male counterparts known as rams. These male goats are often referred to as ‘bucks’ or ‘billies,’ but the term ‘ram’ can still be used to describe them. Rams in goats also exhibit behaviors such as head-butting and horn-locking to establish dominance.

Wild Animal Rams

Aside from domesticated animals, rams can also be found in the wild. One notable example is the bighorn sheep, a species native to North America. Bighorn rams are known for their massive horns that can weigh up to 30 pounds and are used during mating season to compete for females.

Characteristics of Rams

Rams, regardless of the species they belong to, share some common characteristics. These include their prominent horns, muscular build, and territorial behavior. Rams are often seen as symbols of power and endurance, making them popular figures in mythology and folklore.

Case Studies and Examples

One famous example of a ram in folklore is the Golden Fleece from Greek mythology. The Golden Fleece was a symbol of kingship and authority, and Jason and the Argonauts embarked on a quest to retrieve it from a ram with golden wool.

Statistics on Rams

While exact statistics on rams across different species are hard to come by, it is estimated that there are billions of sheep and goats worldwide, with a significant portion of them being male animals. In the wild, populations of bighorn sheep have faced challenges due to habitat loss and hunting.


In conclusion, the definition of a ram extends beyond just the male sheep with impressive horns. Rams can be found in various species and play important roles in their respective ecosystems. Whether domesticated or wild, rams are fascinating animals that are often revered for their strength and dominance.

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