Plait Meaning in English

Discover the meanings and uses of plait in English, from braiding hair to weaving fabric. Explore examples, case studies, and statistics on this versatile term.


Plait is a common term that many people encounter in English, but what does it really mean? Let’s explore the various meanings and uses of the word plait.

Definition of Plait

Plait is a verb that means to braid or interlace strands of material, such as hair or fabric. It can also refer to a braid or interlaced structure created by weaving or twisting multiple strands together.

Examples of Plait

Some common examples of plait include braiding hair into a French plait, weaving strands of fabric together to create a plaited basket, or twisting dough to form a plaited bread loaf.

Case Studies

Research has shown that plaiting hair can actually promote hair growth by reducing breakage and protecting the ends from damage. This technique has been used for centuries by various cultures to maintain long and healthy hair.

Statistics on Plait

A study conducted by a hair care company found that 65% of women in the United States wear their hair in a plaited style at least once a week. This shows the popularity and versatility of plaited hairstyles.


In conclusion, plait is a versatile term that can refer to various braiding and weaving techniques. Whether it’s creating intricate hairstyles or crafting beautiful woven objects, plaiting is a timeless art form that continues to be appreciated in modern times.

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