Jumbotron Definition

Learn about Jumbotrons, their benefits, examples, case studies, and statistics in this comprehensive guide.

What is a Jumbotron?

A Jumbotron is a large screen display used in stadiums, arenas, and public spaces to broadcast live events, advertisements, and informational messages to a large audience. These screens are often found in sports venues and are used to enhance the fan experience by providing close-up views of the action on the field.

Benefits of Jumbotrons

  • Enhanced viewing experience for fans
  • Increased engagement with sponsors through advertising opportunities
  • Improved communication with the audience through real-time updates

Examples of Jumbotrons

One famous example of a Jumbotron is the one located in Times Square in New York City. This massive screen is used to display advertisements, news updates, and live events to the thousands of people who pass through the area every day.

Case Studies

In a study conducted at a major sports arena, it was found that fans who watched the game on the Jumbotron reported higher levels of satisfaction with their viewing experience compared to those who did not have access to the screen. This demonstrates the impact that Jumbotrons can have on the overall enjoyment of a live event.


According to a survey of sports fans, 85% of respondents said that they prefer watching games on a Jumbotron compared to a traditional scoreboard. This highlights the popularity of these large screens among audiences.

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