Heist Meaning

Discover the thrilling world of heists with daring armed robberies and high-value targets. Explore famous examples and statistics on this daring form of crime.

What is a Heist?

A heist is a daring armed robbery or theft, typically involving a high-value target such as a bank, museum, or casino. It is a meticulously planned and executed operation, often involving a team of skilled individuals.

Characteristics of a Heist

  • Strategic planning
  • Stealth and deception
  • High stakes

Famous Heists

One of the most infamous heists in history is the theft of $500 million worth of art from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston in 1990. Another notable heist is the 1978 Lufthansa heist, where $6 million in cash and jewelry was stolen from a vault at John F. Kennedy International Airport.

Case Studies

In 2015, a group of thieves pulled off a spectacular heist at a jewelry store in London’s Hatton Garden area, stealing over £14 million worth of goods. The operation involved drilling through a concrete wall and accessing the vault over the Easter weekend.


According to the FBI, the annual cost of property crimes in the United States is estimated to be over $14 billion. Heists account for a significant portion of this figure, with losses running into millions of dollars.

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