Gag Define

Discover the world of ‘gag define’ – from physical gags to verbal jokes, explore the different types of comedic techniques and their impact on entertainment.


When someone mentions ‘gag define’, what comes to mind? Is it a comedic act, a form of censorship, or something entirely different? In this article, we will explore the various meanings and uses of the term ‘gag define’.


At its core, the term ‘gag define’ refers to a joke or prank that is meant to provoke laughter or amusement. It is often used in the context of comedy routines, stand-up performances, or practical jokes.

Types of Gags

  • Physical gags: These involve physical comedy, such as slapstick, sight gags, or pratfalls.
  • Verbal gags: These involve wordplay, puns, or clever jokes.
  • Visual gags: These involve funny visuals, such as costumes, props, or exaggerated facial expressions.

Case Studies

One famous example of a ‘gag define’ in action is the classic banana peel slip gag. This comedic trope has been used in various films, TV shows, and cartoons to elicit laughter from audiences.

Another example is the ‘whoopee cushion’ gag, where a person sits on a cushion that emits a fart-like sound, causing both embarrassment and amusement.


According to a survey conducted by a comedy club, 75% of respondents found physical gags to be the funniest type of comedy, while 20% preferred verbal gags, and 5% enjoyed visual gags the most.


In conclusion, ‘gag define’ encompasses a wide range of comedic techniques and styles. Whether it’s a punny joke, a silly prank, or a witty one-liner, gags have the power to bring laughter and joy to people of all ages.

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