Dogleg Meaning

Discover the meaning of dogleg in golf and other contexts, including examples, case studies, and statistics. Understand the challenge of navigating sharp turns and bends.

What is a Dogleg?

A dogleg is a term commonly used in golf to describe a hole that has a sharp turn or bend in it, requiring the golfer to change direction in order to reach the green. The term has also been adopted in other contexts to describe a sharp bend or change in direction.

Types of Doglegs

  • Left dogleg: requires the golfer to hit a shot that bends to the left in order to reach the green
  • Right dogleg: requires the golfer to hit a shot that bends to the right

Examples in Real Life

Imagine driving down a winding road with several sharp turns – each of these turns can be considered a dogleg. In business, a sudden change in strategy or direction can also be referred to as a dogleg.

Case Studies

In a study of golf courses, researchers found that holes with doglegs presented a greater challenge to golfers compared to straight holes. Golfers had to carefully plan their shots and navigate the sharp turns in order to score well.


According to golf experts, doglegs account for a significant portion of the difficulty in many golf courses. The strategy required to navigate these bends can make or break a player’s score.

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