appreciate definition

  • verb-transitive:
    • to identify the standard, significance, or magnitude of: appreciated their particular freedom.
    • is totally alert to or responsive to; realize: we appreciate your issues.
    • become grateful or show gratitude for: i must say i appreciate your assistance.
    • To appreciate greatly; value.
    • to increase in worth or cost, especially with time.
    • To set a cost or worth on; to estimate justly; to price.
    • To raise the worthiness of; to boost industry price of; -- in opposition to depreciate.
    • become sensible of; to differentiate.
  • verb-intransitive:
    • to improve in price or price, especially eventually.
    • To rise in worth. [See note under increase, v. i.]
  • verb:
    • to-be grateful or thankful for.
    • to see as valuable.
    • to-be fully aware of; be aware of; detect.
    • to improve in worth.
    • be totally alert to; realize completely
    • raise the worth of
    • gain in price
    • hold dear
    • recognize with gratitude; be thankful for
  • others:
    • To price; set an amount or price on; estimate the commercial well worth of.
    • To esteem duly; spot a sufficiently large estimation on; recognize the standard or well worth of: as, their great ability was not appreciated.
    • to-be fully aware of; be aware of; detect; perceive the type or effect of.
    • to improve in worth; advance the change, quote, or price of: against depreciate.
    • Synonyms Value, reward, Esteem, Estimate, Appreciate. Price and estimate generally imply a comparison with a typical of commercial worth: as, to appreciate an image at plenty; to approximate its worth at a great deal. To prize would be to worth highly, typically for other than pecuniary reasons, and recommending the thought of reluctance to reduce. Hence, we prize a book for the articles or organizations; we prize a pal for their love for us. To esteem is sometimes in order to believe: as, I esteem him a scoundrel; sometimes to price: as, we esteem it gently; often having increased opinion of or set a high price on: as, I esteem him for their own benefit; with its highest feeling it suggests ethical approbation. Calculating is an act of calculation or wisdom, and completely without sensation or ethical approbation: as, to estimate the dimensions of a-room, the extra weight of a stone, the literary excellence of a novel, the type of you. (See esteem, n., for comparison of matching nouns.) Appreciate is to set a just worth on; it indicates using sensible wisdom or fine perception: since, he appreciated the standard of the job. With this particular perception normally goes a corresponding intellectual valuation and moral esteem: as, they understood how exactly to value his worth. Appreciate frequently implies also your thing valued will be over looked or underestimated. It is commonly used of great things: as, I understood his wickedness; We realized or recognized their folly; We appreciated their virtue or wisdom. Compare such phrases as an appreciative market, several appreciative words, understanding of merit.
    • to go up in price; become of more value: as, general public securities valued once the financial obligation had been financed.

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