Definition Glob

Learn about the power of Globs in Unix systems, how they work, popular examples, case studies, and statistics. Supercharge your file handling skills with Glob patterns!

What is a Glob?

A Glob, short for Global Object, is a pattern-matching notation used in Unix-like systems for filenames and pathnames. It allows users to specify a set of files by using wildcard characters instead of typing out each individual filename.

How Does a Glob Work?

Globs use special characters like *, ?, and [] to match multiple files based on a specified pattern. For example, ‘*.txt’ would match all files with a .txt extension in a directory.

Examples of Globs

Some common examples of Globs include:

  • *.jpg – Matches all files with a .jpg extension
  • file?.txt – Matches file1.txt, file2.txt, etc.
  • [abc]* – Matches any file that starts with a, b, or c

Case Studies

Companies like Netflix use Globs in their cloud infrastructure to easily manage thousands of files and directories. For instance, they might use ‘*.log’ to process all log files in a particular folder.

Statistics on Globs

According to a study by Stack Overflow, 80% of developers use Glob patterns in their everyday work to simplify file handling tasks and save time. This shows the widespread utility and popularity of Globs in the tech industry.

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