Define Straphanger

Learn about straphangers – individuals who rely on public transportation for their daily commute. Discover the characteristics, examples, and statistics of straphangers.

What is a Straphanger?

Straphanger is a term used for a person who relies on public transportation, particularly trains and buses, for their daily commute or transportation needs. The term originated from the straps or handles that people hold onto while standing inside a crowded train or bus.

Characteristics of a Straphanger

  • Regular use of public transportation
  • Preference for standing during rides
  • Ability to navigate crowded platforms and vehicles
  • Dependence on schedules and routes

Examples of Straphangers

1. Sarah takes the subway to work every day, standing with the rest of the straphangers as they travel through the city.

2. James relies on the bus to get to school, joining other straphangers during the morning rush hour.

Case Study: The New York City Subway

The New York City subway system is a prime example of a transportation network heavily utilized by straphangers. With millions of riders each day, straphangers navigate the complex system to reach their destinations.

Statistics on Straphangers

  • According to a survey, 70% of urban commuters are considered straphangers.
  • Major cities like Tokyo, London, and New York have high percentages of straphangers due to their robust public transportation systems.

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