Define Square

Explore the world of squares – geometric wonders with four equal sides and right angles. Find out about their properties, examples, and real-world applications.


A square is a geometric shape with four equal sides and four right angles. It is a fundamental shape in mathematics and has various applications in real-world scenarios.

Properties of a Square

  • All four sides of a square are equal in length.
  • All four angles of a square are right angles.
  • The diagonals of a square are equal in length and bisect each other at right angles.

Examples of Squares

Squares are commonly found in everyday objects such as tiles, windows, and screens. They are also prevalent in architecture, with buildings like the Alhambra in Spain featuring intricate square patterns.

Case Studies

One famous example of squares in action is the use of squares in city planning. Grid layouts in cities like New York and Chicago utilize square blocks to organize the streets and buildings efficiently.

Statistics on Squares

According to a survey, squares are one of the most recognizable geometric shapes, with 90% of respondents correctly identifying a square when shown a picture.


In conclusion, squares are versatile shapes with unique properties that make them essential in various fields. Understanding the characteristics of squares can help in solving mathematical problems and designing practical solutions in architecture and urban planning.

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