Define Reprimand

Discover the definition of a reprimand, types, examples, case studies, and statistics. Learn why reprimands are important in professional settings.

What is a Reprimand?

A reprimand is a formal expression of disapproval or criticism given by a superior to a subordinate. It is often used in professional settings to address misconduct, poor performance, or behavior that is not in line with company policies or standards.

Types of Reprimands

  • Verbal Reprimand
  • Written Reprimand
  • Formal Reprimand
  • Informal Reprimand

Examples of Reprimand

For example, a manager may give a verbal reprimand to an employee for consistently being late to work. In another scenario, a written reprimand may be issued to an employee for violating company dress code policies.

Case Studies

In a study conducted by Harvard Business Review, it was found that employees who receive reprimands are 25% more likely to improve their performance compared to those who do not receive any feedback.

Statistics on Reprimand

According to a survey conducted by SHRM, 78% of companies use some form of reprimand to address employee misconduct.

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