Define Pie

Discover the sweet and savory world of pies, from fruit to cream to shepherd’s pie. Dive into the history, culture, and statistics of this delectable dish.

What is Pie?

Pie is a delicious baked dish made with a pastry crust and sweet or savory filling. It is a popular dessert or savory option enjoyed worldwide.

Types of Pies

1. Fruit Pies: Apple, cherry, blueberry
2. Savory Pies: Chicken pot pie, shepherd’s pie
3. Cream Pies: Banana cream, coconut cream

The History of Pie

Pie has been enjoyed since ancient times, with evidence of early pies dating back to the Egyptian era. They were often used as a way to preserve food and make it more portable.

Pie in Pop Culture

From the nursery rhyme ‘Sing a Song of Sixpence’ to the movie ‘American Pie,’ pies have played a significant role in literature, music, and film.

Pie Statistics

– 186 million pies are consumed each year in the U.S.
– The average American eats six slices of pie per year.
– Pumpkin pie is the most popular choice for Thanksgiving.

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