Define MER: How to Measure Marketing Effectiveness

Learn how to measure the success of your marketing campaigns with MER (Marketing Effectiveness Ratio). Calculate ROI and optimize your marketing strategies effectively.

What is MER?

MER stands for Marketing Effectiveness Ratio, a metric used to measure the efficiency and success of marketing campaigns. It helps businesses determine how well their marketing efforts are performing in terms of generating leads, sales, and overall ROI.

Calculating MER

To calculate MER, divide the revenue generated from a specific marketing campaign by the total cost of that campaign. The formula is: MER = (Revenue / Cost) * 100.


  • If a business spends $10,000 on a marketing campaign and generates $50,000 in revenue, the MER would be (50,000 / 10,000) * 100 = 500%.
  • On the other hand, if a campaign costs $5,000 and generates only $15,000 in revenue, the MER would be (15,000 / 5,000) * 100 = 300%.

Case Studies

Company A invested $20,000 in a digital marketing campaign and saw a return of $80,000 in revenue. Their MER was (80,000 / 20,000) * 100 = 400%. Company B spent $15,000 on a traditional advertising campaign and generated $45,000 in sales, resulting in an MER of 300%.

Benefits of MER

  • Helps businesses track the success of their marketing efforts.
  • Allows for comparison of different campaigns to see which ones are most effective.
  • Enables businesses to allocate resources more effectively based on ROI.


Understanding and calculating MER is crucial for businesses looking to measure the impact of their marketing campaigns. By tracking this metric, companies can make informed decisions about their marketing strategies and optimize their spending for maximum effectiveness.

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