Define Hen

Learn about the importance of hens in agriculture and their role in sustainable farming. Discover the different breeds of hens and their characteristics.

What is a Hen?

A hen is a female chicken that is raised for its eggs and meat. Hens are commonly found on farms and are known for their ability to lay eggs. They are often kept in coops or free-range environments.

Characteristics of Hens

  • Feathers: Hens have soft feathers that range in color from white to brown to black.
  • Beak: Hens have a pointed beak that they use to peck at food.
  • Legs: Hens have strong legs that allow them to scratch the ground for insects.

Types of Hens

There are many breeds of hens, each with their own unique characteristics. Some common breeds include Rhode Island Reds, Leghorns, and Plymouth Rocks.

Importance of Hens

Hens play a vital role in agriculture by providing eggs and meat for human consumption. They are also important for pest control, as they eat insects and other small creatures.

Case Study: Sustainable Farming

One example of the importance of hens in sustainable farming is the practice of free-range egg production. By allowing hens to roam freely and graze on pasture, farmers can reduce the environmental impact of egg production.

Statistics on Hen Farming

According to the USDA, there are over 95 billion hens raised for egg production worldwide. The egg industry is a multi-billion dollar industry that supports millions of jobs globally.

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