Define Frown

Discover what a frown is, its different types, effects on perception, and interesting statistics. Learn about the impact of frowning on relationships and success.

What is a Frown?

A frown is a facial expression that typically conveys displeasure, frustration, or sadness. It involves lowering the eyebrows, wrinkling the forehead, and turning the corners of the mouth downwards.

Types of Frowns

  • Displeasure Frown: Often indicated by a slightly furrowed brow and a slight downturn of the mouth.
  • Angry Frown: Characterized by a deep furrowed brow, intense eye contact, and a distinct downturn of the mouth.
  • Sad Frown: Involves a dropping of the corners of the mouth, with a slight crease between the eyebrows.

Case Studies and Examples

Research has shown that people who frown frequently are perceived as less approachable and less friendly compared to those who smile more often. For example, a study conducted at a job fair found that individuals who maintained a neutral or frowning expression received fewer job offers than those who smiled.

Statistics on Frowning

Surveys have revealed that the average adult frowns 20 times a day, while children frown even more frequently, averaging around 30-40 times a day. Additionally, women are more likely to frown than men, with studies showing that women frown around 62% more than their male counterparts.

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