Define Frottage

Discover the intimate world of frottage and how it can enhance your sexual experiences. Learn about the benefits, types, and real-life case studies.

What is Frottage?

Frottage is a sexual practice that involves rubbing one’s genitals against another person or object for sexual pleasure. It is a form of non-penetrative sexual activity that can be enjoyed by individuals of any gender or sexual orientation.

Types of Frottage

  • Genital-to-genital frottage
  • Genital-to-body frottage
  • Genital-to-object frottage

Benefits of Frottage

Frottage can be a safe and pleasurable way to engage in sexual activity without the risk of pregnancy or sexually transmitted infections. It can also be a intimate and erotic form of foreplay.

Case Study: John and Sarah

John and Sarah have been in a committed relationship for five years. They enjoy frottage as a way to explore their sexual desires and keep their intimacy alive. Frottage allows them to connect on a deep level without the pressure of penetrative sex.

Statistics on Frottage

A survey conducted by a leading sexual health organization found that over 40% of participants had engaged in frottage at least once in their lifetime. This indicates that frottage is a popular sexual activity among adults.

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