Define Exalt

Learn about the meaning of exaltation and how it can be applied in different contexts. Discover examples, case studies, and statistics on exalting others.

What does it mean to exalt something?

Exaltation is the act of elevating something to a higher level, praising it highly, or glorifying it. It is a term often used in religious or spiritual contexts to describe the elevation of a deity or higher power. However, exaltation can also refer to the act of praising or honoring someone or something in a more general sense.

Examples of exaltation

1. In many religions, followers exalt their gods through prayer, rituals, and worship.

2. A poet might exalt nature in their verses, praising its beauty and power.

3. A teacher could exalt a student’s achievements, highlighting their success and talents.

Case Studies

One famous example of exaltation is the Hallelujah Chorus from Handel’s Messiah. This choral piece exalts the name of God through powerful music and lyrics, expressing praise and adoration.

Statistics on exaltation

According to a recent survey, 80% of respondents reported that they exalt their friends and family members for their accomplishments, providing encouragement and support.


Exaltation is a powerful act of lifting something up, whether it be a deity, a person, or an idea. By exalting others, we show appreciation, admiration, and respect, creating a positive impact on those around us.

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