Define Ensiform

Discover what ensiform means and how it is used to describe objects and body parts with a sword-like shape. Explore examples, case studies, and statistics on ensiform features.

What is Ensiform?

Ensiform refers to something that is sword-shaped or resembling a sword. It is used to describe objects or body parts that have a long, narrow, and pointed shape.

Examples of Ensiform Objects

  • A sword
  • A leaf of certain plants
  • A fish with a pointed snout

Case Studies on Ensiform Body Parts

In anatomy, the ensiform process is a small cartilaginous extension at the lower part of the sternum that can sometimes cause pain or discomfort when pressure is applied.

Statistics on Ensiform Features

Studies have shown that ensiform body parts can vary in size and shape, with some individuals having a more pronounced ensiform process than others.

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