Define Banner

Learn about the definition of banners and how they are used in online advertising to drive traffic and increase brand visibility.

What is a Banner?

A banner is a graphic image or text displayed on a website to advertise a product, service, or event. Banners are a common form of online advertising and are used to attract the attention of visitors and drive traffic to specific web pages.

Types of Banners

  • Static Banners: These are simple images that do not change or move.
  • Animated Banners: These banners include movement or changes in the image to capture attention.
  • Interactive Banners: These banners allow users to engage with the ad by clicking or interacting with the content.

Benefits of Using Banners

Banners are an effective way to reach a large audience and increase brand visibility. They can be used to promote sales, events, or new products, and can be targeted to specific demographics or interests.

Case Studies

One example of a successful banner campaign is the Nike ‘Just Do It’ campaign. By using compelling images and a strong call to action, Nike was able to increase brand awareness and drive traffic to their website.


According to a study by eMarketer, digital banner ads are expected to reach over $85 billion in spending by 2020. This shows the continued growth and effectiveness of banners in online advertising.

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