Define Autosexual

Learn what autosexuality is and how it challenges traditional notions of sexual orientation. Explore examples, case studies, and the implications of being autosexual.

What is Autosexuality?

Autosexuality is a term used to describe someone who is predominantly attracted to themselves or finds themselves sexually appealing. This concept challenges traditional notions of sexual orientation and explores the idea of self-love as a form of sexual attraction.

Understanding Autosexuality

Autosexual individuals may engage in activities such as self-pleasuring, self-gazing, or self-stimulation for sexual gratification. They may find themselves turned on by their own physical appearance, personality, or even thoughts and fantasies about themselves.

Examples of Autosexuality

One example of autosexuality could be someone who enjoys looking at themselves in the mirror while engaging in sexual activities. Another example could be someone who gets aroused by thinking about themselves in a sexual context.

Case Studies

There have been limited case studies on autosexuality, as it is a relatively new concept in the field of sexuality. However, some individuals have come forward to share their experiences of being autosexual and how it has impacted their relationships and self-perception.

Statistics on Autosexuality

There are no official statistics on the prevalence of autosexuality, as it is not widely recognized or studied. However, with the growing acceptance of diverse sexual orientations and identities, more people may feel comfortable exploring and embracing their autosexual tendencies.

Challenges and Benefits

Like any sexual orientation, autosexuality comes with its own set of challenges and benefits. Some individuals may struggle with societal stigma or judgment, while others may find empowerment and fulfillment in their self-love and acceptance.


Autosexuality is a complex and nuanced concept that challenges traditional ideas of sexual attraction and orientation. By understanding and exploring autosexuality, we can broaden our perspectives on self-love and acceptance in the realm of sexuality.

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