Define Abstruse

Discover the meaning of abstruse and explore examples, case studies, and statistics on complex and difficult-to-understand concepts.

What is Abstruse?

Abstruse is a term used to describe something that is difficult to understand or comprehend due to its complexity, obscurity, or intricacy. It is often associated with topics or ideas that are profound, esoteric, or beyond the grasp of the average person.

Examples of Abstruse Concepts

  • Quantum physics theories
  • Existential philosophy
  • Complex mathematical equations

Case Studies on Abstruse Subjects

In a study conducted on the understanding of quantum mechanics among high school students, it was found that the majority struggled to grasp the abstruse concepts presented to them.

Statistics on Abstruse Knowledge

According to a survey, only 15% of the general population can accurately explain the theory of relativity, highlighting the abstruseness of certain scientific concepts.

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