Bury Definition

Discover the meaning of burying, from laying a body to rest to hiding secrets. Explore types, examples, case studies, and statistics on burying.

What is Bury?

In simple terms, to bury means to place something or someone in the ground, typically as a way of disposing of or concealing it. This act of burial is often associated with funerals and the process of laying a body to rest. However, the concept of burying goes far beyond just laying a deceased person to rest.

Types of Burying

  • Physical Burying: This involves placing an object or a deceased body in the ground, covering it with soil or other materials.
  • Metaphorical Burying: This can refer to the act of concealing or hiding something, such as burying a feeling or a secret.

Examples of Burying

One common example of burying is the burial of treasure. Throughout history, people have hidden valuables by burying them underground to keep them safe from theft or discovery.

Case Studies

In archaeology, the discovery of ancient burial sites has provided invaluable insights into past civilizations. The study of burial practices can reveal information about social structures, beliefs, and customs of ancient cultures.

Statistics on Burying

According to a survey, over 50% of Americans choose burial as their preferred method of disposition after death, while cremation is gaining popularity in recent years.


Whether it’s laying a loved one to rest or concealing a long-buried secret, the act of burying holds significant symbolic and cultural meanings. Understanding the different aspects of burying can provide a deeper insight into human history and behavior.

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